EYE treatments

1Brow Shape / Wax
£ 10
2Eyebrow Tint*
£ 12
3Brow shape/wax + Tint*
£ 15
4Eyelash tint*
£ 13
5Brow Wax+Tint + Eyelash Tint*
£ 25
Brow wax + Lash tint*
£ 17

Brow lamination*
£ 30
£ 35

Lash lift* + Tint*
£ 40

                                      *patch test required 48 hours prior first treatment and then after half year, prolonged gap between treatments and any medical changes

                           LASH LIFT CONTRAINDICATIONS
A contraindication is a condition that enables the client as unfit for this treatment. 

Please consult with me before the procedure if you have any of the following:

Contraindications: Can Not Perform The Treatment
• Cysts
• Styes
• Blepharitis
• Chemotherapy
• Skin disease, trauma, cuts, abrasions, burns and swelling in the immediate area
• Weak eyelashes (therapists discretion on consultation)
• Skin disorders in the general eye area (Dermatitis, Xanthelasma & Syringoma)
• Eye infections such as Impetigo or Conjunctivitis
• Eye inflammation such as Uveitis
• Recent operations around eyes, head, or face or scar tissue in immediate areas
• Watery eyes
• Hypersensitive skin/eyes
• Keratitis (inflammation of the cornea of the eye)
• Alopecia (loss of hair)
• Trichotillomania (compulsive urge to pull one’s hair out)
• Bells Palsy or any condition that makes closing or opening eyes difficult
• Any disease or disorder that causes shaking, twitching or erratic movements

Contraindications & Special Care – Requires A GP Referral
• Dry eye syndrome
• Glaucoma
• Post Chemotherapy

Further Contraindications For Client Comfort
• Claustrophobia
• Hay fever/Rhinitis – eyes may be watery
• Contact lenses – ensure removal before procedure            




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