Natural nail overlay Acrylic 

£ 25, -

gel polish

Full set of nail extensions sculpted short

Full set of nail extensions sculpted long

£ 25, -

£ 30, -

gel polish

Infills 45 - 70 min.


£ 25, -

gel polish £+2,50

Full set of pink & white / Baby boomers / Marble / designer


£ 32,50

removal/ with new set

£ 20,50

£ 10,50

1 new nail

£ 5, -

Gel polish (choice from 300 colours) / French

£ 25, -

£ 27,50


                     *Please note* extravagant nail art will need to be pre-booked.                

10 min
20 min

30 min



Color Gel Polish

  Gel polish (choice from 300 colours) / French  

£ 25, - / £27.50

  • Gel polish removal                                                        £3
  • Removal of gel polish not done by me                          £5

Aftercare Advice

The first 24-48 hours are crucial to the to ensure that lifting or chipping does not occur so please follow the advice below.  To get the best possible lasting results please continue to follow the advice after the 24-48 hours.

If any irritation or reaction occurs within 24 hours then please inform myself or your GP.

- Do not use your nails as tools, EG. to pick off labels or open ring pulls.

- Please avoid hot showers, baths and hair washing for 24 hours after the treatment.

- Always wear gloves when doing tasks such as housekeeping and gardening to protect your hands and nail enhancements from  harsh chemicals.

- Ensure you always have gel polish and acrylic nails professionally removed. If you try to peel and pick them off yourself you will damage your natural nails.

- Make sure that you dry your hands thoroughly after washing them.

- Please use the correct cuticle oil as some can cause premature lifting.

- If any lifting does occur please do not pick at it or attempt to fix it yourself. Please visit or contact us where we will be able to advise you further.

- Whilst on holiday, sun creams and mosquito repellents can contain DEET and Lanolin. These are damaging to Enhancements/Gel Polish, so make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after using them.

- Avoid intense heat on the nails 24 hours after application e.g. sunbeds and saunas as they can fade the colour and contribute to lifting.

- Always wash hands thoroughly after applying sun cream, self-tanning, body lotions and hair colouring products as these can cause lifting and distort the colour.

- Tinted lotions, sureams, hair products and even food (curry/beetroot/oranges etc) can discolour your extensions so it is preferable that you use gloves to protect them. I am not responsible for discolouration of the nail. If you simply must try to whiten your enhancements, don't use bleach! Use lemon juice as it is a natural bleaching

How Long Will My Enhancements Last? 

The less pressure put on your new nails, the longer they will last. Just playing with a paper clip by bending it back and forth will eventually break it, so will your nails. They can only take so much pressure before they crack and/or break so treat your new nails with the same care that you would if your natural nails were the same length. Remember nail enhancements are extensions of your own nail and not a nail transplant.

Your new enhancements will need to be maintained every 2 to 3 weeks, Gel polish ideally every 2 weeks. Maintenance work includes re-filing and re-shaping of the nail, repair of any breakage, cracking, or lifting, fill-in and re-balance of new growth, and colour, if desired. By having your nails regularly maintained, you will avoid most of the problems associated with artificial enhancements.


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