Changes have been made everywhere we go to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus.
Here is what I need you to do so that your service is as safe as possible.​

- You will need to complete online form before attending your appointment. It will be sent to you by email.
- Please send me images and consult with me prior to your appointment so I know in advance what design/colours you are having on the day.
- Do not attend your appointment if you, or someone you've had contact with, has displayed symptoms of Covid-19
- Please arrive on time, not early, so that I can ensure the salon is cleaned and disinfected before your arrival.
- Please come to your appointment alone.
- Please only bring with you essential items. These will need to be either in your pockets or left in a box for the duration of your appointment. You can not touch your phone out during the appointment, unless it is an emergency.
- You will need to use antibacterial gel on your hands at the door before entering the premises.
- Please wear a face covering.
- Please use the loo before attending your appointment so that I can minimise use of my toilet facilities.
- Please do not bring food or drink with you.
- Please pay using either contact in an envelope or by PayPal.

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